Sunbeam Lotus Owners' Club ®

In the UK you will find prices ranging from around £5,000 to over £20,000. We have undertaken an assessment of current market values as follows:

£5000 to £9000

At the lower end of this scale you will be looking at a restoration project; you should expect to get a complete car, but not much else. If it runs you are lucky, but do not expect great things or to drive it away - the bodywork is likely to need major attention, the majority of the mechanicals will need attention, possibly rebuilding. Care should be taken to ensure that the car’s identity can be confirmed, and that a V5C registration document is available and the details on the chassis plates match those on the registration document.

Prices at the bottom end of the range have been affected in recent years by demand for the cars' ZF gearboxes as used for historic rallying.


£8000 - £12000

Running cars with an MOT can be found within this range. For this money you should be expecting some level of immediate restoration or mechanical overhaul.

That leaves a lot of mid-ground, and it is here that most people will be looking.


£9000 to £13000

This budget would get you a working, useable car with an MOT, but there may still need to be a bit of work done to the car; this could range from interior retrimming/repairs, minor body work, rust removal or possibly a new panel, to a re-spray or a comprehensive mechanical overhaul.


£11000 to £16000

This is about the right price for a truly good car - possibly the subject of a major rebuild in the past - that will not need any work, yet in which you will be not be frightened to exploit its capabilities.


Above £16000

Here you will find an excellent condition, low mileage, or very-recently restored car. There should be very little work required here, perhaps just some finishing or personal touches. Genuine concours cars could reach anywhere from £20000 - £25000, and perhaps even more depending on the work done and specification.

Modifications are down to personal taste and it should be for the potential buyer to decide whether the modifications suit their tastes and budget.

There is little difference in price between Series 1, Series 2 or Avon cars; originality, history and condition will be the determining factors.



The above figures represent private sales; an additional premium will be added if the car is being purchased from a dealer who is offering a warranty or guarantee; this typically could be anything from a 20-40% increase in the prices shown above.


Ex-Works and Competition-prepared cars

These fall into a completely different price structure depending on purpose and condition - contact the club for advice.



If you are serious about buying a Sunbeam Lotus, join the club and receive further information, including our buyers' guide that contains further tips on what to look for, plus access to our forum to see cars for sale, often before they are advertised publicly. The 'Cars For Sale' section of the forum will also show postings for cars seen to be available from many other 'non-Club' sellers.

Potential buyers should be wary, though; a bit of body filler and some fresh paint can be very deceiving. Be prepared to walk away if anything does not seem right. The Club is always happy to answer questions and provide advice regarding cars advertised for sale anywhere.

The Sunbeam Lotus Owners’ Club has proudly helped many owners find the perfect car, and offers its members a more comprehensive valuation service if necessary; however, additional information, photographs, or even a viewing may be required.


Last check: January 2017