Sunbeam Lotus Owners' Club ®

There are two basic series of cars, usually distinguished by the headlamps/grille.

Earlier cars (series one) used the same, small headlamps as seen on Avengers and various other British cars of the time. The grille was a full-width version with a Chrysler pentaster in the centre. Apart from a few special order cars (e.g. for UK police forces), all series one cars were Embassy Black with Silver stripes. Interior trim was grey, and door mirrors were fitted to the door panel itself:

Later cars had larger headlamps (similar to those fitted to Horizons), with a grille that fitted between the lamps. A Talbot logo badge took its place in the centre. Door mirrors were fitted in the front corner of the window apeture. Interior trim was black, with a striped pattern on the seats. Embassy Black continued as the only colour for a while, before Moonstone Metallic replaced it for UK cars only:

In addition, a number of late cars were converted to a special edition known as Avon. These cars had a dark blue vinyl roof with glass sunroof, dark blue painted bands along the flanks, dark blue colour-coding to bumpers and wheels, green/yellow Lotus badges on the front wings and a special velour treatment to the interior, with plush carpets and additional sound-proofing:

Just to confuse you, however, many series one cars were fitted with series 2 lamps and grilles at the dealer or later on by owners, so sometimes it is not that easy to determine whether a car is an S1 or an S2. The club can help, though, as the original build of the car can be determined from VIN data.